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  • Basic Nutritional Considerations: The Standard American Diet vs. Nutrition.

    Dr. Joseph Beier, D.C., Board Certified Chiropractor, Acu-Med Integrative Medicine

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    What is the Standard American Diet? Dr. Beier will discuss what constitutes proper nutritional intake, recommended portion sizes, how to read a nutritional label and how to make better food choices for better health.

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  • Maximize the Moment for Optimal Growth

    Dr. James Carter, Owner, Carter International Inc.

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Dr. Carter explains the fifteen invaluable laws of growth by John Maxwell. These laws work in any genre, field or relationship. Using these laws helps others grow their greatest asset – people - and increase their bottom line – money – and their customer base, all with low employee turnover.

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  • Trigger Point Massage for the Layperson

    Curry Chaudoir, Diplomate in Acupuncture, Acupuncture and Holistic Health Associates

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    In this hands-on seminar, participants will learn about:
    1. The 5 branches of Oriental Medicine and how they are used to improve health and promote longevity,
    2. Trigger Point Massage techniques to use at home,
    3. What causes trigger points in the body, and
    4. How to eliminate trigger points to make you more productive, happy and healthy.

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  • Outstanding Classroom – Validate and Empower

    Brian Pack

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Educational

    The Workshop is an intense participatory in-service designed to elevate attentiveness and comprehension in the classroom. In a career encompassing urban and private venues, I reveal methods that arouse the brain's reward circuitry to incentivize teachers and students, amplify recall, and foster inquiry and analysis. It is held at the school and adjusted to accommodate your time window. MORE >

    Teachers and/or students partake in a forum that reinforces that circuitry through validation and empowerment. As head class counselor I developed leadership retreats for students and teachers that incorporated interactive exercises and challenges. By witnessing amplified enthusiasm, I altered my classroom pedagogy in an analogous manner, giving students a more prominent role as facilitators and leaders.

    In this context, the Workshop will have teachers and students perform tasks that reinforce personal validation and serve as a model for their lesson plans and learning.

    By partaking in this workshop classrooms will be transformed:
    1. Individuals will be affirmed as intelligent and valued individuals.
    2. Individuals will gain a sense of empowerment and take responsibility for the knowledge flow.

    In addition, teachers and students will be instructed on how positive interdependence enables individuals to succeed through goal setting and cooperation. Furthermore, the use of scripts will reveal how constructive verbalization leads to camaraderie and drive, creating a sense of ownership of the content area, as well as reduce discipline issues. A critical element is that the validation is peer driven, the most important source of affirmation amongst children and teens.

    It will be an empowering experience, impacting learning, and hopefully give everyone the same pleasure and esteem I derived by validating students as respected learners and personalities in the social media-crazed world.

    Presentation Topics
    • Why we crave validation and empowerment.
    • Boys and girls growing up in the Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat world.
    • The human mind: memory, neuroplasticity, Functional MRI, and child development.
    • Motivation, trust, and student expression.
    • You, the educational leader. You, the student and content area learner
    • How combination pedagogy effectively stimulates drive, empathy, and achievement.

    Participant Activities
    • Talk
    • Write
    • Gamesmanship
    • ACT
    • Drama
    • Journal
    • Videos

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  • Boost your networking success by overcoming these four key challenges

    Karen Grishaber, Personal Branding Specialist & Job Search Coach

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Learn how to overcome key networking challenges to boost your confidence and networking success -- including how to feel more comfortable approaching others and build more lasting relationships.

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  • How to Put Laughter into Your Years

    Gail Rust, Playwright, Actress, and Toastmaster

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Entertainment

    When was the last time you laughed? Have you lost your silly? Gail is ready to share her knowledge of "How to Build a Sense of Humor.". Recognize that laughter is strong medicine and it can actually change your physical and emotional state of mind. Gail's program is 45minutes and invites her audience to sit down and have some fun. We tell stories, tell jokes and just LAUGH! MORE >

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  • The Ins and Outs of Paying Off Your Student Loans

    Erik Kroll, CFP, Founder, Hilltop Financial Advisors

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    For those who have it, student debt is a major headache. However, there are ways that individuals can effectively pay down their student loans. Unfortunately, the rules are so complex that it can be hard to choose the right strategy for paying down your loans. MORE >

    In this presentation, I'll break down the differences between federal and private student debt, and how to tell which type you have. I will also help attendees understand the different repayment plans that exist for paying down federal student loans, how to decide between them, along with tips and tricks that can be used to pay down your student loans.
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  • Why Sales People Fail…and What to do about it!

    Jim Cornelius, President/Owner, Professional Sales Training Associates Inc. - Sandler Training

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    People love to buy and they hate to be sold. Yet why is it that we spend so much time, energy and resources trying to convince people to buy our products and services? When it comes to your selling efforts have you ever experienced: -Discomfort in how to ask for the sale? -Uncertainty on how to start a sales conversation? MORE >

    -Frustration in having to negotiate on price? -Wasted expertise on proposals & presentations that don’t go anywhere? -Fear of hearing the words “No”, or even worse…”Let me think it over”? More often than not, these issues are a result of not having a well-defined approach when interacting with prospective clients. How well are you managing the selling process with your buyers?
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  • SCORE: For the Life of Your Business

    Joyce Goulet, Business Coach, SCORE

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Score is the mentoring and education arm of the Small Business Administration. It is dedicated to helping small businesses grow, one business at a time. We know that small business is the back bone of America's economy. As a national organization, our mission is to significantly increase employment and entrepreneurship across the nation. Learn how we do it. MORE >

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  • Negotiating internationally with confidence

    Kirk Samson, Owner, Samson Atlantic LLC

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Negotiating effectively is critical to your business and personal success. The importance of this skill is reflected in the wide range of books you can find in libraries or bookstores on how to improve your negotiation savvy. Unfortunately, almost all of these books represent an American perspective on how to negotiate. The negotiation process and strategies can vary wildly around the world, and many of the techniques that business people use daily here in the U.S. will serve you poorly overseas. MORE >

    In this presentation, Kirk Samson will highlight some of the major differences you can expect while negotiating overseas and how you can 'shift gears' to negotiate with confidence around the globe.
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