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  • The Potential of the Human Will – Overcoming Life’s Obstacles by Finding Your Inner Strengths to Achieve Exceptional Results

    Carla Ernst, Motivational Speaker, CarlaAnne Communications

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    Your life is what you want it to be. If I’ve learned one thing in business and life – it is to navigate around obstacles and reach into your inner strength and find your “extraordinary” for guidance. It’s the strength we see in ourselves that crushes all the doubts and fears we may be experiencing. MORE >

    Make a commitment now to choose just one obstacle, Think about it from this new perspective, and focus on getting around it and to the goal on the other side. Know when to laugh at yourself and have some fun, and you will find a way to get around obstacles and achieve exceptional results.

    Defining Your Obstacle
    Obstacles come in different shapes and sizes, times, and places – and when we least expect them. The good news is that they can be overcome. The only limits are those we place on ourselves. Obstacles can teach critical thinking, resilience, and resourcefulness. This talk is about the tools that can help people overcome obstacles and obtain personal and professional success.

    Carla’s Life-Changing Obstacle – Blindness
    I use the word “obstacle” because that’s what a blind person is taught when they detect something in their path with their white mobility cane, as an allegory to life obstacles. [I then show my white mobility cane and talk briefly about how life changed forever when I lost my eyesight]. Going blind – from a fully functioning independent woman to being completely immobilized. However, I chose to embrace my blindness and work towards living a fun, fulfilling, and productive life, and now am discovering new joys of life not noticed previously that were hidden by eyesight. Today, I work as a writer, author, speaker, and musician. My blindness also gave me the opportunity to empower and encourage people to reach their goals – regardless of any obstacles they need to overcome.

    Attaining Success
    Success comes from accessing our inner strengths living deep inside the core foundation of who we are. These strengths are a source of inexhaustible energy. They can be found when we reaffirm our spiritual beliefs, immerse ourselves in nature, explore our passions, and recognize our skills. This journey of discovery empowers us to feel capable, competent, and courageous. It is about believing in ourselves – expressed in attitude and a sense of confidence – and it helps us to be able to say “I can.”

    Finding Your Inner Strength
    Start by de-cluttering your mind and free up mental space – from friends, family, electronics. Carve out daily quiet time to remove mental distractions, restore focus and clarity; declutter physical workspace, get up early, exercise, don’t eat sugar, and make your bed.

    Seven Key Learnings
    These are some of the key learnings that have worked well for me in my life and career that have helped me successfully identify, assess, map out, and overcome obstacles. They are to:

    1. Expect obstacles – by accepting them as a normal part of life, we become stronger
    2. Follow your passion and dreams – this gives us a framework in which to succeed
    3. Focus on the solution – assess the problem, keep the goal in perspective
    4. Prioritize – focus on the important, not the urgent
    5. Write every day – jot it down, date it, sign it
    6. Never give up – we only fail when we stop trying
    7. Celebrate your successes – congratulate yourself in a book of “wins”

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  • Putting Your Best Foot Forward – Resume Building and Interview Skills

    Emily Shelton, Founder, Emily Shelton Consulting

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    In today’s competitive job market, you only get one chance to make a good impression. Learn how to effectively market yourself with a resume that highlights your strengths and draws the attention of potential employers. Be prepared for the questions and responses that employers are looking for when hiring new personnel. Preparation is the key to confidence, let’s put your best foot forward! MORE >

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  • Crush It: 3 Keys to Tackling Tasks on Time

    Lisa Berman, Clear Path Coaching

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    What do you do when you have a mile-long list of tasks to accomplish in a short window of time? What do you tackle first? How do you organize your time to maximize your output? What would it take to nail your to-do’s and still have time left each day for you? MORE >

    If you are struggling to answer these questions, you will get the answers in this seminar. You will learn how to crush your tasks and take back your time, determine what is really a priority, and how to organize your to-do's and zap them off your list with maximum efficiency.
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  • Nutrition Made Easy, small changes that make a huge impact!

    Jeremy Bria, D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic, Pure Family Chiropractic

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    Proper nutrition is a key pillar of health. Understanding the right choices can keep you healthy for a lifetime. t There is a lot of information available about what to eat, what not to eat and it seems impossible to keep it all straight. This talk will help your group make sense of food and make small changes in their current diet that will yield big rewards in the form of greater health and wellness. MORE >

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  • The 7 Requirements for Transformational Growth

    Lucas J. Robak, Author, Leader, Consultant, Authorpreneur Academy & The Wellness Fair

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    Fire up your life with a new view of personal growth. From start to finish, the impossible is now possible.

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  • Basic Nutritional Considerations: The Standard American Diet vs. Nutrition.

    Dr. Joseph Beier, D.C., Board Certified Chiropractor, Acu-Med Integrative Medicine

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    What is the Standard American Diet? Dr. Beier will discuss what constitutes proper nutritional intake, recommended portion sizes, how to read a nutritional label and how to make better food choices for better health.

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