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  • Domestic Human Trafficking Industry

    Krista Hull, Founder & Executive Director, Redeem and Restore Center

    Learn what domestic human trafficking looks like and why it will soon be the number one illegal industry in the world. How does this effect us in our own backyard? What can we do to fight this industry? Also, hear stories of real Hope and Freedom! You will be weighted with the truth, yet leave with encouragement of what is possible. MORE >

    *Estimates are at over a $35 billion industry for sex trafficking
    *Human Trafficking has been documented in all 72 counties of Wisconsin
    *Second only to drug trafficking, for the largest criminal industry in the world today.
    *At least 100,000 US children are exploited every year in prostitution in America

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  • How to Handle Bullying Wherever it Exists

    Dr. James Carter, Owner, Carter International Inc.

    Bullying is a major problem in schools and others places. Research tells us that kids look to their parents or a trusted adult to give guidance and help make difficult decisions. On a daily basis, lines of communication should be open to kids reassuring them that parents or other adults are there for them. Problems and/or good things that happened in their day can be easily shared. MORE >

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  • Help your child excel in school

    Brian Pack

    The lecture discusses methods that help children excel in the classroom. Coupling career experiences with recent brain research, Brian Pack, author of VALIDATE AND EMPOWER, offers practical techniques that a) raise attentiveness and b) stimulate the drive to achieve success in school. MORE >

    In a career encompassing urban and private venues, Pack reveals how parents can significantly arouse the brain's reward circuitry in children to amplify recall and promote inquiry and creativity.

    Presentation Topics
    • Why children crave validation and empowerment.
    • Boys and girls growing up in the Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat world.
    • Memory, neuroplasticity, and child development.
    • Motivation, trust, and student expression.
    • The academic child and the content areas.

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  • In our Backyard: Domestic Human Trafficking

    Krista Hull, Founder & Executive Director, Redeem and Restore Center

    *Human Trafficking has been documented in ALL 72 counties of WISCONSIN
    *Over 300,000 are forced into prostitution annually in the USA
    *Approx 66-90% of adult sex workers were victims of child trafficking and/or sex abuse
    Learn how VULNERABILITY is the key to how traffickers find and use their victims. Hear stories of victims throughout Wisconsin that were manipulated and broken.
    Yet, leave encouraged from stories of victims that have become amazing survivors! MORE >

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  • Outstanding Classroom – Validate and Empower

    Brian Pack

    The Workshop is an intense participatory in-service designed to elevate attentiveness and comprehension in the classroom. In a career encompassing urban and private venues, I reveal methods that arouse the brain's reward circuitry to incentivize teachers and students, amplify recall, and foster inquiry and analysis. It is held at the school and adjusted to accommodate your time window. MORE >

    Teachers and/or students partake in a forum that reinforces that circuitry through validation and empowerment. As head class counselor I developed leadership retreats for students and teachers that incorporated interactive exercises and challenges. By witnessing amplified enthusiasm, I altered my classroom pedagogy in an analogous manner, giving students a more prominent role as facilitators and leaders.

    In this context, the Workshop will have teachers and students perform tasks that reinforce personal validation and serve as a model for their lesson plans and learning.

    By partaking in this workshop classrooms will be transformed:
    1. Individuals will be affirmed as intelligent and valued individuals.
    2. Individuals will gain a sense of empowerment and take responsibility for the knowledge flow.

    In addition, teachers and students will be instructed on how positive interdependence enables individuals to succeed through goal setting and cooperation. Furthermore, the use of scripts will reveal how constructive verbalization leads to camaraderie and drive, creating a sense of ownership of the content area, as well as reduce discipline issues. A critical element is that the validation is peer driven, the most important source of affirmation amongst children and teens.

    It will be an empowering experience, impacting learning, and hopefully give everyone the same pleasure and esteem I derived by validating students as respected learners and personalities in the social media-crazed world.

    Presentation Topics
    • Why we crave validation and empowerment.
    • Boys and girls growing up in the Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat world.
    • The human mind: memory, neuroplasticity, Functional MRI, and child development.
    • Motivation, trust, and student expression.
    • You, the educational leader. You, the student and content area learner
    • How combination pedagogy effectively stimulates drive, empathy, and achievement.

    Participant Activities
    • Talk
    • Write
    • Gamesmanship
    • ACT
    • Drama
    • Journal
    • Videos

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