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  • Generate & Nurture Leads with Podcasting

    Jamie Shibley, CEO, The Expressory

    Learn how to leverage your podcast to generate more leads and develop a process for nurturing them.

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  • Global business expansion – your business is ready to grow!

    Kirk Samson, Owner, Samson Atlantic LLC

    There are over 200 countries in the world today, and the world has a population of over 7 billion. What is the current reach of your product or service? If you sell to the United States alone, you are only reaching a little of over 4% of the world market. What are you missing out on? While not all countries have the buying power of U.S consumers, many of them do. That difference in current market and potential market is what makes international expansion so intriguing. MORE >

    Additionally, there are other important reasons to expand your business internationally: capturing innovation, forging lucrative partnerships, and diversifying your business risk. In this presentation, Kirk Samson will walk you through the advantages and risks of expanding your business to a new market, introduce you to existing free resources for business expansion and show how you can find the perfect place for your business to grow.
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  • Introducing! (How to Develop and Promote New Products)

    Robert Grede, ‎Author, Speaker, Consultant, The Grede Company

    What, Where, Why, and When of new product introduction from the man behind the launch of Glad Handle-Tie Bags, McDonald’s Cheddar Melt, and P&G’s Cinch, as well as a multitude of new products for smaller firms.

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  • Is Your Business A “Digital Disaster”

    Jody Jankovsky, Founder and Managing Member, Black|Line Consulting

    Black|Line's "Digital Disaster" presentation explains how many businesses are failing to create and maintain some of their most valuable assets, their digital ones. Mr. Jankovsky explores what "Digital Assets" are, why they are important to a business/organization and how to avoid becoming a "Digital Disaster". The presentation can be made to fit a 30-60 minute format and can be tailored for your organization or business. MORE >

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  • Leaders Don’t Motivate Anyone!

    Dr. Jim Bohn, PROAXIOS

    Leaders don’t motivate anyone - they create conditions that ignite the motivation in others. A leader’s personal convictions and the behavior they model are crucial to igniting motivation. The environment leaders shape through clarity, passion and recognition inspire others to significant levels of achievement. And the satisfaction leaders derive from developing others fuels their own motivation to surpass their best efforts. I know; I’ve done it. I have a track record of leadership success built through research, teaching and decades of in-the-trenches experience. MORE >

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  • Leadership Blindspots – What you can’t see can hurt you!

    Dr. Jim Bohn, PROAXIOS

    The most important thing I learned in Driver's Education was 'check your blind spot.' Candidly, that bit of coaching has literally saved my life multiple times throughout the past several decades. Not checking a blind spot can mean destruction while driving a car, but I often wonder whether leaders take the time to check their blind spots. What you can't see can hurt you and others. Blind spots can be remedied with candid leader openness to criticism that articulates the danger of the blind spot, the short-term impact of the blind spot, and the long-term, career damaging blind spots that can run someone off course forever. One or two trusted colleagues can provide insight to leadership blind-spots. MORE >

    What are your leadership blind spots? Have you considered what they might be? My keynote will help you address blindspots that are damaging your career.
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  • Leveraging LinkedIn

    Eric Thompson, Certified Trainer, Sandler Training PSTA in Wisconsin

    You don't have to be a LinkedIn wizard to grow your business through social selling. You can use your own network of business contacts, and your company's network, to take a proactive, client-centered view of prospecting on LinkedIn. This workshop is not a marketing workshop. It cuts through all the noise, tech-speak, and misconceptions about LinkedIn and social selling. MORE >

    You Will Learn How To:
    • Create A Client-Attracting Profile
    • Get Connected With Prospects & Clients
    • Search For Quality Leads & Prospects
    • Make Contact With Decision-Makers

    This workshop presented by Eric Thompson and the techniques shared are endorsed and created in a partnership with LinkedIn and Sandler Training to teach salespeople how to create a social selling plan to attract, and make contact with, and close more prospects. All Attendees receive a free eBook- "Linkedin the Sandler Way"

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  • Maximize the Moment for Optimal Growth

    Dr. James Carter, Owner, Carter International Inc.

    Dr. Carter explains the fifteen invaluable laws of growth by John Maxwell. These laws work in any genre, field or relationship. Using these laws helps others grow their greatest asset – people - and increase their bottom line – money – and their customer base, all with low employee turnover.

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  • Negotiating internationally with confidence

    Kirk Samson, Owner, Samson Atlantic LLC

    Negotiating effectively is critical to your business and personal success. The importance of this skill is reflected in the wide range of books you can find in libraries or bookstores on how to improve your negotiation savvy. Unfortunately, almost all of these books represent an American perspective on how to negotiate. The negotiation process and strategies can vary wildly around the world, and many of the techniques that business people use daily here in the U.S. will serve you poorly overseas. MORE >

    In this presentation, Kirk Samson will highlight some of the major differences you can expect while negotiating overseas and how you can 'shift gears' to negotiate with confidence around the globe.
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  • Retiring? Let’s do it right!

    Jennifer Martin, MA, LPC, NCC, Clinical Therapist

    Jumping into retirement is a lot like jumping into a swimming pool on the first day of summer. The water looks refreshing, and you think you’ll like it. But you’re not sure, and you realize that you might not like it at all. MORE >

    You may not even be sure of how you want to do it. Just jump right into the deep end? Ease your way down the steps? Dive in, or just sit on the side and dangle your feet? And what if you end up in a belly flop?

    Yes, retirement is a lot like getting into a swimming pool, and there is a surprising degree of uncertainty and stress that come along with it.

    This speech covers the many aspects of retirement to consider in order to make that transition an enjoyable one from the workforce into life after work. While most materials focus only on the financial aspect of retirement, this talk will introduce the full spectrum of considerations.

    Points covered will be how to prepare for all the adjustments that a successful retirement requires, including the areas of the social, physical, relational, recreational, emotional, marital, and, yes, the financial.

    Done well, retirement is an exciting and satisfying time of life. Let’s make it happen!

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