Eric Thompson

Certified Trainer, Sandler Training PSTA in Wisconsin

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  • 5 tips to Maximizing your referrals!

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    You'll discover the top five things needed to maximize revenue from referrals this year. Teach yourself to get referrals using a system which you are comfortable using. MORE >

    Join us if you: Feel like you are wasting your time asking for referrals? Not sure how to describe who is a good prospect? Or just plain “lost” when it comes referrals.

    “Did you ask for referrals today”… be able to answer “YES”

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  • Leveraging LinkedIn

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    You don't have to be a LinkedIn wizard to grow your business through social selling. You can use your own network of business contacts, and your company's network, to take a proactive, client-centered view of prospecting on LinkedIn. This workshop is not a marketing workshop. It cuts through all the noise, tech-speak, and misconceptions about LinkedIn and social selling. MORE >

    You Will Learn How To:
    • Create A Client-Attracting Profile
    • Get Connected With Prospects & Clients
    • Search For Quality Leads & Prospects
    • Make Contact With Decision-Makers

    This workshop presented by Eric Thompson and the techniques shared are endorsed and created in a partnership with LinkedIn and Sandler Training to teach salespeople how to create a social selling plan to attract, and make contact with, and close more prospects. All Attendees receive a free eBook- "Linkedin the Sandler Way"

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