Jennifer Martin, MA, LPC, NCC

Clinical Therapist

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  • Retiring? Let’s do it right!

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Jumping into retirement is a lot like jumping into a swimming pool on the first day of summer. The water looks refreshing, and you think you’ll like it. But you’re not sure, and you realize that you might not like it at all. MORE >

    You may not even be sure of how you want to do it. Just jump right into the deep end? Ease your way down the steps? Dive in, or just sit on the side and dangle your feet? And what if you end up in a belly flop?

    Yes, retirement is a lot like getting into a swimming pool, and there is a surprising degree of uncertainty and stress that come along with it.

    This speech covers the many aspects of retirement to consider in order to make that transition an enjoyable one from the workforce into life after work. While most materials focus only on the financial aspect of retirement, this talk will introduce the full spectrum of considerations.

    Points covered will be how to prepare for all the adjustments that a successful retirement requires, including the areas of the social, physical, relational, recreational, emotional, marital, and, yes, the financial.

    Done well, retirement is an exciting and satisfying time of life. Let’s make it happen!

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