Krista Hull

Founder & Executive Director, Redeem and Restore Center

Free Educational Speaker in Milwaukee

  • Human Trafficking is REAL- Let’s Make our Youth SAFE

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Educational

    Exploitation and over sexualization is so pervasive- in every state, city, and school through technology.
    Learn how VULNERABILITY is the key to how traffickers find and use their victims. You are most vulnerable before age of 25; at which time you become fully mentally & emotionally developed! MORE >

    *Human Trafficking has been documented in ALL 72 counties of WISCONSIN
    *Over 300,000 are forced/MANIPULATED into prostitution & trafficking annually in the USA
    *Approx 66-90% of adult sex workers were victims of child trafficking and/or sex abuse

    Hear overview of the how, why, and where and stories of victims throughout Wisconsin.
    Yet, leave encouraged from stories of victims that have become amazing survivors! AND that YOU CAN make difference in protecting our youth!
    Together we can make a difference! Awareness leads to prevention, intervention, and restoration.
    We are loving, restoring, and support women to restoration!

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  • Restoration and Hope for Women Out of Exploitation & Trafficking

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Educational

    Exploitation and Trafficking is shattering lives, destroying families, and rendering victims hopeless and isolated. It takes a village to bring hope and restoration.
    Each of us desire to be seen, heard, known, and loved. Acknowledging this fact for the women we have the privilege to walk alongside, is the key to hope for them. Though the traumas they have survived are more than most of us can even begin to understand; we CAN love, restore, and support them to restoration.
    Our team of volunteers and funders are loving, restoring, and supporting women to restoration! Be inspired by stories of women who have overcome so much to redeem their lives and live in true freedom! MORE >

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