Jean Yarger

Author, Bringing Up Nana

Free Educational Speaker in Milwaukee

  • Inspiring Self-respect and Confidence In Your Children (4 Concepts for a Meaningful Allowance)

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Educational

    Inspiring Self-respect and Confidence in Your Children is an interactive presentation for parents interested in implementing an allowance that will not only teach children to value money, but value the needs of others, while inspiring self-respect and confidence. Discover how, when an allowance is earned, children learn to look past their personal needs, appreciate the value of meeting expectations and, become responsible for living with the consequences of their actions. MORE >

    Participants will learn how to help the children in their lives establish a budget and manage spending decisions while discovering that;

    1. Responsibility is a promise,
    2. Meeting expectations creates value,
    3. Fair does not mean equal,
    4. Consequences are the result of the decisions you make.

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