Ginny Richardson a matchmaker of speech, need

Ginny Richardson with Any RichardsonAs Ginny Richardson puts it, her entire world is matchmaking.

“It’s blank newspaper pages and client news and stories,” said Richardson, president of Hinsdale-based Ginny Richardson Public Relations.

And with her side project based on community service, Free Speech Speakers Bureau, it’s the same concept.

“I just feel it is an extension of that matchmaking  – a speaker and empty podium,” Richardson explained.

Free Speech, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, helps community organizations acquire speakers to free. More than 500 Chicagoland groups have participated thus far, with more than 150 speakers on the bureau.

Although both the service and speakers are free – Richardson charges a minimal lifetime joining fee for speakers – the incentives for both are endless, she said. Many of the speakers are entrepreneurs and business owners who can then market themselves or the business in a different way.

“It feels good to do something for nothing,” Richardson said. “This community has been really good to me.”

Tell me more about Free Speech

The question I get the most is, ‘Well, how do you make money?’ … Fifteen years ago when I founded the bureau I couldn’t figure out who I would charge the group or the speaker. And I truly just threw up my hands ad said, ‘Oh heck,. I’ll do it for free.’

By Amber Krosel
Suburban Life – Feb. 10, 2012