Tim Christian

Author / Executive

Free Self Improvement Speaker in Milwaukee

  • Behaviors of Change: Turning Failure into Hope through Sustainable Life Strategies

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    What is hope and how is hope attained? In this inspiring talk, attendees will learn about the power of hope, hope discovery and personal change. The speaker will lead attendees through a self assessment to determine what needs to change, reflection on one’s life, the importance of the decision to change, a simple change plan, acting on the plan to change, and sustaining change. The change message will transition to hope. There, attendees will canvas hope but from an unusual source, and apply hope to daily experiences. The purpose of the message will ignite aspiration to make a difference! MORE >


    Tim Christian had a goal and dream of becoming a professional football player. He was there, within an inch of an NFL jersey, with 25 top agents chasing him and promising the world – and then his plans were dashed before getting the opportunity. What happened next, over the course of months, was a broken heart that changed into life renewed.

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