Tim Christian

Author / VP of Facilities Management, Goodwill Industries

Free Self Improvement Speaker in Milwaukee

  • Behaviors of Change: Mastering Personal Change to Achieve Your Dreams

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    Tim Christian had a goal and dream of becoming a professional football player. He was there, within an inch of an NFL jersey, with 25 top agents chasing him and promising the world – and then his plans were dashed before getting the opportunity. What happened next, over the course of months, was a broken heart that changed into life renewed. MORE >


    Ultimately, change will only occur if you expect it to. In this inspiring talk, attendees will learn: assessment to determine what needs to change, reflection on one’s life, the importance of the decision to change, a simple change plan, acting on the plan to change, and sustaining change. Don’t just have a dream – have many dreams. Aspire to stretch yourself and put your talents to the test!

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