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  • Why Sales People Fail…and What to do about it!

    Jim Cornelius, President/Owner, Professional Sales Training Associates Inc. - Sandler Training

    People love to buy and they hate to be sold. Yet why is it that we spend so much time, energy and resources trying to convince people to buy our products and services? When it comes to your selling efforts have you ever experienced: -Discomfort in how to ask for the sale? -Uncertainty on how to start a sales conversation? MORE >

    -Frustration in having to negotiate on price? -Wasted expertise on proposals & presentations that don’t go anywhere? -Fear of hearing the words “No”, or even worse…”Let me think it over”? More often than not, these issues are a result of not having a well-defined approach when interacting with prospective clients. How well are you managing the selling process with your buyers?
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  • Travel Light: Let Everyone Else’s Baggage Go

    Lisa Berman, Clear Path Coaching

    Many business environments resemble economy seating on a passenger plane: no privacy, lots of distractions, and way too much baggage for comfort. It can make you feel as stressed, discontented and time-crunched as if you were stranded on the runway. MORE >

    You may not be able to change your workspace but you CAN change the way you deal with the distractions coming from around you, Here you’ll learn 3 simple techniques to help you dump the office chaos, so you can charter your own first-class flight to success.
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  • Times Have Changed! Build Better Relationships

    Jamie Shibley, CEO, The Expressory

    Learn the importance of relationship-building strategies that will ensure your brand captures the attention of your customers in this digital, high tech world.

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  • The Habits of Top Producers

    Dama Wells-Foster, MBA, Lead Generation & Business Breakthrough Strategist, Dama Foster Intl, LLC

    At the workshop you will get at least 10 new ideas that you can use immediately to get more sales, make more money, and have more fun at work!

    Some of the things that will be discussed are: MORE >

    •Advanced Closing Techniques
    •Handling Objections and Excuses
    •Creative Prospecting Ideas
    •Selling to Behavioral Styles
    •Setting Realistic Goals
    •Time Management Practices
    •Building a Referral Based Clientele

    I promise that you'll be impressed with the presentation and that your team will leave the workshop fired up and full of great ideas to go out and close more sales. I look forward to partnering together with you as a team to help get your group to the next level!

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  • Successful Advertising Is Unselfish: How To Build Client Financed Marketing Campaigns

    Jeff Van Kampen, Co - Owner, UVK Media Marketing

    "The business that can spend the most to acquire a client, wins" That is the fundamental statement to understand in your marketing and advertising efforts. It's not about being selfish. It's not about number of leads. It's about building a company your current and future clients genuinely want to work with. MORE >

    Discover how to implement a step-by-step system that will allow you to keep your pipeline full and advertise in a way that will have your prospects running to work with you.

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  • SCORE: For the Life of Your Business

    Joyce Goulet, Business Coach, SCORE

    Score is the mentoring and education arm of the Small Business Administration. It is dedicated to helping small businesses grow, one business at a time. We know that small business is the back bone of America's economy. As a national organization, our mission is to significantly increase employment and entrepreneurship across the nation. Learn how we do it. MORE >

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  • Sales is not a Dirty Word!

    Joyce Goulet, Business Coach, SCORE

    Nobody likes a salesman. Yet, everybody has to sell their products and services. Without sales, the economy would grind to a halt. This talk will discuss a sales technique that isn't "pushy". It works and it's fun. Try it, you'll like it!

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  • Retiring? Let’s do it right!

    Jennifer Martin, MA, LPC, NCC, Clinical Therapist

    Jumping into retirement is a lot like jumping into a swimming pool on the first day of summer. The water looks refreshing, and you think you’ll like it. But you’re not sure, and you realize that you might not like it at all. MORE >

    You may not even be sure of how you want to do it. Just jump right into the deep end? Ease your way down the steps? Dive in, or just sit on the side and dangle your feet? And what if you end up in a belly flop?

    Yes, retirement is a lot like getting into a swimming pool, and there is a surprising degree of uncertainty and stress that come along with it.

    This speech covers the many aspects of retirement to consider in order to make that transition an enjoyable one from the workforce into life after work. While most materials focus only on the financial aspect of retirement, this talk will introduce the full spectrum of considerations.

    Points covered will be how to prepare for all the adjustments that a successful retirement requires, including the areas of the social, physical, relational, recreational, emotional, marital, and, yes, the financial.

    Done well, retirement is an exciting and satisfying time of life. Let’s make it happen!

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  • Negotiating internationally with confidence

    Kirk Samson, Owner, Samson Atlantic LLC

    Negotiating effectively is critical to your business and personal success. The importance of this skill is reflected in the wide range of books you can find in libraries or bookstores on how to improve your negotiation savvy. Unfortunately, almost all of these books represent an American perspective on how to negotiate. The negotiation process and strategies can vary wildly around the world, and many of the techniques that business people use daily here in the U.S. will serve you poorly overseas. MORE >

    In this presentation, Kirk Samson will highlight some of the major differences you can expect while negotiating overseas and how you can 'shift gears' to negotiate with confidence around the globe.
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  • Maximize the Moment for Optimal Growth

    Dr. James Carter, Owner, Carter International Inc.

    Dr. Carter explains the fifteen invaluable laws of growth by John Maxwell. These laws work in any genre, field or relationship. Using these laws helps others grow their greatest asset – people - and increase their bottom line – money – and their customer base, all with low employee turnover.

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