Woodi Bruce

Comedian and Ventriloquist

Free Entertainment Speaker in Milwaukee

  • Proper Communication in the Workplace

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Entertainment

    We all go to work or to what we call a job. Some of us either like our jobs or we hate them. Why do we hate or like our jobs? Woodi Bruce shows us through proper communication, we can learn to love or point out why we may hate our jobs. The point Woodi gets to is the fundamentals of open communication in the work environment. MORE >

    Woodi will talk about how we should:

    A) Respect one another. It has been far to often where we go to work with a poor attitude. This can reflect on your job performance and how we treat each other on the job.

    B) Listening is very important in the work environment. Not just with the boss, but your co-workers too. You should learn to listen to what your employee peers have to say, whether it is how to improve a certain task or inquiring about the weather, are all part of listening.

    C) Don't Worry. Many employees worry about, unnecessarily, what other employees or supervisors may be saying about you or what you think they are saying. As Woodi puts it, "Don't sweat the small stuff." In other words, do your job at your best ability, worrying about it can only lead to psychological frustration and poor work performance.

    D) Losing your cool. How often do we find ourselves in a situation and we simply just lose our control. Woodi helps you understand why we lose our control to begin with. Woodi believes it could be doing way too many tasks all at once. None of us our super heroes, we all have limitations. The best way to handle a situation when you are overwhelmed, is to just take a breather. Basically just pause for a moment to reconnect, get your emotions and thoughts back in check. You will see that you will be able to handle more than one task.

    E) Make friends with your peers. Woodi has found that doing things outside of the workplace can really improve on the over all moral of the business. The philosophy is "A good employee is a happy employee." Looking for fun things to do with your co-workers, not only creates positive relationships, but respect for one another as well.


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  • We are all Human: Bullying, why it should not exist in our society

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Miscellaneous

    Woodi helps people of all ages to understand why bullying exists and why it really shouldn't exist in our society today. Woodi believes that "Bullying" exist because of the differences in people. This is a very important point, because we are all different in many ways. For example; the color of one's skin, a way a person dresses, whether a person is too fat or too thin, a person who speaks a different language, a person's sexual orientation, all can lead to being bullied. MORE >

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