Trevor Kaucic

Owner, Best Self LLC

Free Motivational Speaker in Milwaukee

  • Creatively Disciplined

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    Life is about having the discipline to do the things necessary to be successful while having the creativity to make the experience exciting and passion-driven. In this talk you'll learn about how to integrate the tasks that typically require discipline and will power with the passion, exciting feeling typically tied to "fun" activities.

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  • Lock & Key – Shattering Limiting Beliefs

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    In my life, I've placed many locks on myself: I'm not a distance runner, I'm not able to get out of debt, I'm not a morning person, etc. After years of studying mindfulness & meditation alongside competing in various sports, a light was shined on the fact that it was me putting these locks/limits on myself. This talk will teach you why it is that we place these locks on ourselves and how to mold the key necessary to unlocking your true potential. MORE >

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