Dama Wells-Foster, MBA

Sales & Leadership Coach, Dama Foster Intl, LLC and Southwestern Consulting

Free Business Speaker in Milwaukee

  • The Habits of Top Producers

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    At the workshop you will get at least 10 new ideas that you can use immediately to get more sales, make more money, and have more fun at work!

    Some of the things that will be discussed are: MORE >

    •Advanced Closing Techniques
    •Handling Objections and Excuses
    •Creative Prospecting Ideas
    •Selling to Behavioral Styles
    •Setting Realistic Goals
    •Time Management Practices
    •Building a Referral Based Clientele

    I promise that you'll be impressed with the presentation and that your team will leave the workshop fired up and full of great ideas to go out and close more sales. I look forward to partnering together with you as a team to help get your group to the next level!

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  • What Separates Top Business Owners from Average Business Owners

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    This workshop will cover: The Habits of Start Ups That Succeed, Identifying Decision Makers, Building a Referral Based Clientele, and Advanced Closing Techniques. MORE >

    By the end of the workshop you will walk away with 5-10 new ideas you can use that day to generate
    and close more business. This will be time well spent! We will not be able to solve all of your
    challenges, however, you will get the ideas to help you boost your results. We all know that the
    likeliness of applying them consistently is unlikely without accountability.

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